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Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic dentistry in the United States. Many patients travel to LA due to its reputation as the home of movie and TV stars. Plus, the image of California as being the headquarters of people with a bright “Hollywood smile” makes patients want to travel from all over the world to undergo cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles.

Before you visit Los Angeles to get the smile you desire, there are four things patients need to know about undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers, dental bridges and teeth whitening. These four tips can help a person get the results they want to see as well as make the entire process easier from start to finish.

  1. 4 things to know about cosmetic surgeryMake a plan – One of the first steps in the cosmetic dentistry process is making a plan in order to determine the best technique to achieve the desired results. This includes a consultation appointment with a board-certified dentist as well as X-rays and models of the teeth. It is important for the dentist to discuss the desired results with the patient to make sure the person is both physically and emotionally prepared for the changes that will take place in the mouth. It is necessary to determine if the patient is making the desired changes because of a desire on their part or if the changes are being made in order to make someone else happy with the appearance of the patient.
  2. Take time to understand – The pros and cons of the various treatment options available to patients should be discussed with the person that wants to have a cosmetic dentistry procedure. For example, teeth whitening can be performed in the office of a dentist or the whitening can be done at home through the use of products that can be bought over the counter. An experienced and board-certified dentist will discuss whether having a bleaching agent placed on the teeth in a dental office will benefit a person more than using a whitening product that can be found in stores around Los Angeles. In addition, dental issues such as spaces between the teeth and chipped or cracked teeth can be addressed through a variety of techniques. The dentist should take the time to discuss treatment options such as dental bridges, crowns and veneers to give the patient the most information possible in order to make an informed decision.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask about the cost – One item that is on the mind of most patients is the cost of any, and all, cosmetic dentistry treatments. The total price depends on a variety of factors including the type of treatment performed, the extent of the treatment, how many office visits will be necessary to achieve the desired results, any fees charged by the doctor or the facility and whether or not the treatment is covered by insurance. Some treatments, like teeth whitening, are considered to be purely cosmetic in nature so they will not be covered by health insurance. On the other hand, treatments like dental bridges, crowns and veneers can help to improve the overall functionality of the teeth and mouth. In cases where the cosmetic dentistry is shown to be necessary to improve the health or function of the teeth, insurance will likely cover some, or all, of the procedure. Patients should call their health insurance company to find out what costs will, or won’t, be covered under their health insurance plan.
  4. A change in attitude – Cosmetic dentistry does more than simply improve the look or functionality of the teeth. It can also make a big change in the mental state of a person. Many people are ashamed of the way their teeth look to others and they are afraid to open their mouth and smile in public. Cosmetic dentistry can make a positive change in the self-image and confidence of a person. Besides making a long lasting change in the look and functionality of the teeth and mouth, cosmetic dentistry can help a person live a happier and more fulfilling life thanks to the change in their attitude after achieving the desired results.


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