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January 11, 2018
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Beverly Hills Celebrities who had Dental Work

Celebrity Teeth

When celebrities are smiling on the cover of magazines, or gracefully waving to the crowd on a red carpet, they always seem to have sparkling teeth. However, many of them didn’t always have bright teeth and a brilliant smile. Many celebrities seek out dental restoration procedures such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and whitening treatments to maintain their smile. Let’s see which Beverly Hills celebrities had cosmetic dentistry.

  • Celebrity TeethMorgan Freeman – While some superstars begin acting at an early age, Morgan Freeman hit stardom at a much older age than most celebrities. Morgan’s teeth showed signs of age so he chose teeth whitening treatments and eventually fixed a gap between his front teeth. Due to cosmetic dentistry, Morgan gained a youthful smile and leading roles in movies.
  • Nicolas Cage – In 1984, Nicolas played in a movie called “Birdy” where he had two healthy teeth pulled in order to achieve the perfect appearance for the role. Eventually, this celebrity decided to go with a full set of veneers to gain better roles as a leading man.
  • Celine Dion – Singers have it harder when it comes to their profession and needing the perfect set of teeth. After all, everyone is looking at their mouth while singing along to their favorite tune. Once her career started to take off, this Canadian singer made some appointments with a cosmetic dentist for a complete smile makeover to shorten her teeth as well as whiten them and improve her smile.
  • Tom Cruise – Cruise stole the hearts of women in the movie “Top Gun” while sporting misaligned and discolored teeth. As his fame continued to rise, Cruise began with some teeth straightening and whitening treatments and then eventually progressed to a mouthful of veneers.
  • 50 Cent – This rapper ventured into cosmetic dentistry to fix the gap in the front of his teeth after another rapper called him out during a song. However, 50 Cent decided that the gap was his main concern and didn’t want his front teeth any smaller. He told his dentist that he wanted to still “look like himself” when he looked into the mirror.
  • Demi Moore – This superstar has made quite a bit of changes in the last decade or so. Demi’s teeth used to look aged and yellow but, after a few cosmetic dentistry treatments, it was hard to tell she was a woman in her 50s. Like many others, this celebrity eventually turned to veneers for a natural and straighter looking smile.


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