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Thanksgiving is on the way and this holiday seems like it should be related to the cosmetic dentistry trend known as “Turkey Teeth.” However, this cosmetic dentistry trend does not have anything to do with the bird known as a turkey. Instead, it refers to patients who have journeyed to Turkey to have cosmetic dentistry procedures due to the promised results and the affordable cost of the treatment.

Veneers – Key to a Perfect Smile?

Have a perfect smile with veneersAccording to an article in the Washington Post, many celebrities and everyday people are choosing to have veneers placed in their mouth to try and gain a perfect smile. The article highlights how celebrities, including online influencers, have set the standard for what counts as a “perfect smile” these days. In addition, the TikTok account by the name of @veneercheck, posts videos that analyze the dental work of celebrities along with speculating on how they gained the look of their teeth.

Having said that, the desire to have a perfect smile is not limited to celebrities. Thanks to the rise of social media and photos that claim to show “perfect images,” many people feel the need to gain the same look they view in the photos.

The trend of trying to gain a perfect smile does have its critics. There are some people who feel that the quest to gain the same smile as others reduces the amount of individuality among the public. The Washington Post article refers to this as “hotness creep” which means the desire for a certain aesthetic can result in a look where everyone has close to the same appearance.

There can also be some issues with having veneers placed in the mouth. They can damage the natural teeth of the patient if they are not placed correctly by the cosmetic dentist. An example of this is the veneers being too thick if the natural teeth are not correctly rotated before the veneers are put in place.

Veneers are not a permanent solution which means more of the natural tooth will need to be shaved off each time the veneers are replaced.

Turkey Teeth – Procedure Explained

The phrase “turkey teeth” refers to the somewhat aggressive approach some cosmetic dentists use when treating the teeth. These dentists shave the tooth down to a small nub so it will be able to fit the veneer. This aggressive technique causes damage to the tooth as it removes all of the enamel so the veneer can be brought closer to the nerve and dentin of the tooth. If the nerve is damaged, it can lead to an infection as well as a root canal.

Turkey Dental Tourism – Is it Still Popular?

The time after COVID lockdowns is sometimes referred to as the “Zoom Boom” as the public started to seek out cosmetic procedures once again. Turkey has become a popular destination with an estimated 150,000-250,000 people making the trip to Turkey each year.
While the idea of combining a vacation and a smile makeover might be tempting to some, the results are not always what the patient expects. For example, “Turkey Teeth” are not considered to be completely natural in appearance. The look is characterized by an appearance to the teeth that is unnaturally straight, very white, and even oversized in its look.

There is also an ongoing concern about the medical standards followed by overseas doctors. There are many countries who do not follow the same training standards as the United States and the licensing process is also not the same as America. A procedure that does not cost as much as treatments in the United States might be performed by a person with less training while also using materials of a lower quality. In general, the cost of veneers in Turkey is determined by the type of veneer, the expertise of the dentist, the amount of veneers placed in the mouth, and if any additional procedures are performed at the same time.

Turkey Teeth – Possible Risks

Some of the most common possible risks of having veneers placed in the mouth in Turkey were discussed earlier in this article. These risks need to be repeated so potential patients are aware of them before making the decision to travel to Turkey.

If the treatment is not properly planned by the dentist, the patient could experience an infection, a permanent loss of anatomy related to the teeth and gums, and an unnatural final look to the teeth due to a lack of an aesthetic and artistic eye on the part of the dentist.

The decision to have a “Turkey Teeth” procedure, even with the possible risks, shows how much people are willing to take a chance with their health and appearance due to the promise of a lower price. They often want to achieve the same look they view on various social media platforms. While cosmetic dentistry can improve the confidence of a person and give them an improved self-image, there is also the chance of the opposite happening if the final results are not anywhere near what the patient hoped to achieve by undergoing the procedure.

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