Much has been written in the past year about the “Zoom Boom” related to the need to work at home due to COVID-19 safety precautions. There has been a growth in patients looking to address issues of aging on the face such as wrinkles and to also add volume to the face. The changes to the appearance of a person are also spreading to the mouth. Learn why veneers are growing in popularity as more and more workers are returning to the office.

Learn how to have a better smile

A Closer View of the Mouth Leads to an Increase in Veneers

As businesses turned to virtual meetings at the start of the pandemic, there were some people who did not like what they saw on their computer screens. Some of them had teeth that were stained, chipped, or cracked in appearance. In order to fix the defects in the look of their teeth, they made appointments with cosmetic dentists once they were able to visit medical offices again.

During the period when potential patients were not able to visit the office of a cosmetic dentist during coronavirus shutdowns, they were researching procedures on the Internet and going on social media platforms to watch videos about the treatments.

One of the most popular choices was dental veneers thanks to its protection against discoloration of the teeth and the ease of cleaning them. Many cosmetic dentists note that the old “blinding white” image of veneers is outdated. Patients want a more natural appearance to the teeth instead of the “old school” idea of veneers. In addition, not having veneers that run “ear to ear” gives a person the chance to gain a look that is more individual in appearance and customized for their specific needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry and an Authentic Look to the Mouth

The trend towards making aesthetic changes to the look of the mouth that are natural is appearance is also known to be healthy for both the self-image and self-esteem of a person. Psychologists have stated the ability to embrace imperfections shows patient are able to accept their flaws and embrace the features that make them unique.

One of the reasons so many patients are accepting their “authentic look” is because the ability to research cosmetic dentistry procedures on the Internet helps to make them better informed about the changes that can be made as well as the type of results they can expect to see after a procedure. Patients are able to get veneers custom-made for their facial structure that give them the smile they desire when it comes to their mouth.

One other aesthetic change that people no longer ask for, as they often did in the past, is the appearance of perfectly straight teeth. They realize that imperfections in the appearance of the teeth gives them an individualized and unique look. Plus, the look of the teeth will change as a person ages which means perfectly straight teeth for a lifetime is not always a normal occurrence for everyone.

Dental Veneers – How to Plan Their Creation

Creation of dental veneersWhen devising a plan for the creation of veneers for patients, cosmetic dentists want to provide a natural look while also recapturing a youthful appearance to the smile (mouth) of a person. They keep the progression of aging in mind and work on reversing that to gain a more youthful look to the mouth.

Some of the natural signs of aging that can occur with the mouth and teeth can come from changes made in the soft tissue of the area. There can also be changes made if patients use cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers, to reduce signs of aging, or an invasive surgical procedure like a facelift. These treatments can have an impact on the structure of the mouth and make the teeth have a hard/static feel and appearance. If the soft tissue changes its appearance, the look might not be the same because of the lip moving downwards or an alteration in the muscle tone of the skin.

The contour of the face must also be kept in mind as the creation of a symmetrical smile, on a face that is asymmetrical in appearance, will give a person an unnatural or “fake” look. Veneers need to compliment the facial structure in order to achieve the desired look. Even if the facial structure of a person has some asymmetrical aspects to it, the manufacturing of veneers that are harmonious to the asymmetries can make them symmetrical to the overall look of the face.

It seems like everyone could use a friendly smile these days and, hopefully in the near future, the need to wear masks to protect against COVID-19 will not be necessary anymore. Once the guidelines about wearing masks are shown to not be needed by the general public, people will want to feel confident about their smile and the overall appearance of their mouth. Veneers can help a patient gain the smile they want for the day they will be able to permanently take off their mask and smile at their friends and family members.

September 15, 2021
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