It stands to reason that everyone can agree nobody expected 2020 to turn out the way it did. Everyone had to embrace the unexpected just to get by on a daily basis. With COVID-19 on the minds of everyone, the majority of businesses moved to online meetings. Suddenly, everyone was faced with seeing every dimple, wrinkle, scar, or sagging piece of tissue their faces had to offer while viewing them on online media platforms such as Zoom. The concerns about the appearance of body parts did not stop with people viewing their facial features on a daily basis on Zoom. People have also experienced a close-up look at their teeth and gums on a daily basis for the past year. Any misshapen tooth, misalignment, crack or chip has been broadcast for all to see. As a result, people quickly started to visit cosmetic dentists to order full porcelain veneers in their pursuit of a perfect smile. Some market reports show that, before the global pandemic, the worldwide cosmetic dentistry market size was estimated to be around 6.9-billion dollars. Now that the world is entering the post-pandemic phase, the global market is expected to be around 19.5-billion dollars.

Veneers – Info to Know about its Popularity

How popular are veneersThe word “veneers” might create the image of someone with a blindingly white smile that is full of teeth with no imperfections. However, updates in technology means people can keep imperfections they are fond of, like a snaggle tooth, while still getting the protection they need thanks to the low-maintenance upkeep of veneers. The results of these new, modern veneers essentially enhance what is already present in the mouth when it comes to the look of the teeth.

The desire for a perfect, yet natural in appearance, smile is not specific to the United States. Dr. Lisa Creaven, a practicing doctor in Ireland, has also seen this specific demand grow in popularity. In a recent interview, she said, “What I see is a huge change and move toward individuality that I couldn’t be happier about. That old-school version of ear-to-ear veneers is outdated, and in the UK we are seeing a lot of people having that work removed and going back to a more natural, bespoke look”.

These shifts in popularity coincide with the trends seen by the larger beauty industry. As a whole, the beauty industry has been moving away from dated, past definitions of beauty and embracing ideas of individuality. Even acne is now seen as something less detrimental to beauty than it once was. Overall, the more unique a person looks, the better suited they are for the current beauty scene.

These new trends are being combined with new procedures that can enhance the appearance of the teeth without getting rid of the features that gives a person an authentic and individual look.  In addition, a cosmetic dentistry procedure like veneers can greatly increase the self-confidence of a person. “This trend towards authenticity and embracing imperfections seems like a healthy shift towards self-acceptance,” according to Dr. Logan Jones, NYC-based psychologist and founder of Clarity Therapy NYC. Dr. Jones recently shared his thoughts in an interview. “It’s important to celebrate and embrace the things that make us unique. Even if someone’s smile doesn’t initially fit into what is conventionally marketed to us as attractive, there is beauty to be found in each of us.”

Veneers – Looking to Recapture their Youth

Michael Apa, DDS, is a top New York City-based aesthetic dentist with additional offices in Los Angeles and Dubai. He told InStyle, “What you’re really going for when you’re doing someone’s teeth well, is recapturing their youth. A lot of people in their 50s will say, ‘I used to have beautiful teeth,’ and they’ll literally say, ‘I lost my smile.’ I’ve heard that phrase 500 times. If you look at the facial structure and the asymmetries, and you build the teeth parallel or harmonious to those asymmetries, it makes the smile asymmetrical, but it’s symmetrical to the big picture. That’s when people, in my opinion, look beautiful, harmonious and refreshed”. Basically, with the right doctor and the help of Internet research, patients can easily find the right fit for their medical needs and they can also achieve a bright, attractive and natural-looking smile by visiting an experienced and board-certified cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Bringing Smiles to the World

The most obvious “plus” for getting a smile makeover is that everyone could use a smile these days. And with COVID-19 vaccine numbers increasing by the day, it seems like smiles are on their way for a comeback. “Smiling is welcoming and makes people feel safe and loved, which in turn naturally draws people to us,” says Dr. Jones. “Smiling represents joy and love and we could all do a little more to bring love, and hope, and joy in today’s dark world.”

May 13, 2021
Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Trend

Veneers Continue to be a Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Trend

It stands to reason that everyone can agree nobody expected 2020 to turn out the way it did. Everyone had to embrace the unexpected just to…