About us

Your smile helps make a good first impression on those you meet. From business meetings to social situations, healthy teeth make you feel better and more confident. Do you have healthy teeth or does your smile need some help?

From veneers to crowns to teeth whitening, American Cosmetic Dentistry covers any and all topics related to your teeth. From how to clean and care for your teeth to repairing damaged teeth to the latest breakthroughs in maintaining a healthy mouth, our goal is to help you find the answers you need when it comes to your mouth.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in the near future include:

  • What’s the difference between crowns and veneers?
  • Why are your teeth sensitive?
  • Are dentures a good choice to replace missing teeth?
  • What is a root canal?
  • What are wisdom teeth and are they different from the rest of your teeth?
  • What are the causes of gum disease?
  • What are your options when it comes to braces?

Don’t see a dental topic you’d like us to address? We’d love to hear from you. Send us your dental topic and we’ll address it in a future blog. American Cosmetic Dentistry is your first and best resource for general dental information as well as a place to get the answers you need to maintain a happy and healthy mouth.